Summer fun brass cuff

Summer fun brass cuff

This brass bangle with a piece of patinaed copper is a must for any summer wardrobe.  The beautiful tones are inspired by warm, sunny days.  You can choose the color of the copper piece, whether it is green, blue, mixtures of all colors, you decide how to make this piece a true original!


Here at Metal Girl Designs we seek to make fun pieces of jewelry with an unusual flair!  What started as a hobby has blossomed into a small business.  Each item can be tailored to suit your needs.  Take your fun ideas, tell me about them and let me make them come to life!  I hope that you and your friends enjoy the collection that I have started.  Every day new ideas come to mind so check back often and see what is new!


Our studio is also our storefront.  Call for an appointment today and add a unique, original piece to your collection!



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